Picture Palace music

The electronic post-rock ensemble Picture Palace music is the brainchild of the Berlin-based musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Thorsten Quaeschning – who is most renowned for his work with Edgar Froeses legendary Tangerine Dream. At its start-up in 2003, it produced innovative compositions for classical silent movies, which are marked by a mix of moving melodies, guitar-laden soundscapes, and modern noise elements. By doing so, the band embraced the extraordinary challenges and potential that today´s technological evolutions can bring to musical creativity.
These productions for film were worked out as live-sets and subsequently laid down in three studio records: Natatorium (2009), Midsummer (2010), and Indulge the Passion (2012), which all proved to be successful. Picture Palace music became a three-time Schallwelle-Award winner for best electronic musical act and headlined the highly acclaimed E-Live-festival in Oirschot (The Netherlands) in 2010 and 2012, as well as the Kostrinella-festival in Kostrzyn nad Odra (Poland) in 2010. Since then, the band has continued to work on film music for English and German television. This resulted in the soundtracks Remnants (2013) for a BBC-documentary about the Neolithic civilization of Britain, and Letters from Libya (2014), written for a road movie about Libya after Gaddafi.

2014 sees Picture Palace music on the road again with a new album, titled Unpredictable ConSequences. While touring all over Germany, the band will also feature as supporting act for Alan Parsons Live Project.


Thorsten Quaeschning
Chris Hausl
Thorsten Spiller
Frank Ebeling
Sebastian Sadowski
Jan Lensen
Thomas Wimmer
Mirko Rizzello
Sascha Beator


Awards & Nominees / Auszeichnungen & Nominierungen:

Schallwelle Award / Germany:
Best German Artist/Act of the Year 2012 : WINNER
Best German Album of the year 2012 : #2 (“Indulge the Passion”)
Best German Artist/Act of the Year 2011 : WINNER
Best German Album of the year 2011 : #2 (“Metropolis Poetry”)
Best German Artist of the Year 2010 : WINNER
Best German Album of the Year 2010 : 2x Nominated (“Fairy Marsh Districts” #6 & “Midsummer” between 2&5)
Best German Artist of the Year 2013 : #6
Best Album of the Year 2013 : #8 (“Remnants”)
Best Artist of the Year 2009 : #5
Best Album of the Year 2009 : #4 (“Natatorium”)

Geiger – Denmarks leading magazine for alternative music / Denmark:
Best 31 Albums of the Year 2010 “Midsummer”

Synth & Sequences Magazine / Canada:
Best Electronic-Music-Album of the Year 2010 #4 (“Fairy Marsh Districts”)
Best Electronic-Music-Album of the Year 2009 #1 (“Curriculum vitae I”)
Best Electronic-Music-Album of the Year 2009 #2 (“Natatorium”)

Diskographie (Auswahl) / Discography (Selection) :

“Revision “-  Electronic Post Rock – The First Decade – Compilation, Remix , CD , 2014 / Groove NL

“Remnants”-  music for ancient light and bluestone circles – Soundtrack, CD, 2013 / Groove NL

“Indulge the Passion” - music for 7-word-influences & monetary capitals – CD, 2012 / Groove N L

“Metropolis Poetry” – music inspired by Fritz Lang´s “Metropolis” Soundtrack / CD, 2011 / Eastgate

“Midsummer” – music for sound divers & baptism-ceremonies – CD, 2010 / Groove N L

“Curriculum vitae I – The A side ones” (EP-Compilation) – music for compilation rates & personal data sheets – Compilation / CD, 2009 / Ricochet Dream

“Symphony for Vampires” – music Inspired by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau´s “Nosferatu – eine Symphonie des Grauens” – Soundtrack / CD, 2008 / Manikin Records

“Somnambulistic Tunes” – music inspired by Robert Wiene´s “Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari” – Soundtrack / CD, 2007 / Manikin Records