Picture Palace music
- Electronic Post Rock – The First Decade -

1. Sleepwalking Marathon (is not Olympic)
(Unpredictable ConSequences)

2. Right of Ascension (ReVision Mix)

3. Speaking Stillness In The Rose-Flushed-Snow (ReVision Mix)
(Indulge The Passion)

4. Array of fadin´ flowers
(Symphony For Vampires)

5. Realm of Possibilities
(Unpredictable ConSequences)

6. Demeter-Morph
(Symphony For Vampires)

7. Beatific Vision (ReVision Mix)
(Indulge The Passion)

8. Metropolis Theme
(Metropolis Poetry)

9. The End Of The End Of Everything
(Symphony For Vampires)

10. M-Device
(Metropolis Poetry)

11. Confusion as Souvenir
(Letters from Libya)

12. Giant´s Dance On Air (ReVision Mix)

13. Risk Pool

14. Moon Dial (ReVision Mix)
(Natatorium) / (Remnants)

15. Midsummer´s Day (ReVision Mix)


Recorded 2003 – 2014
at Townend Studios (Berlin), Eastgate Studios (Vienna), Orbeat-Studios (Berlin), Backstage (Potsdam), VillageChurch (Qualitz)

Bjorn Sjollruud

Photos & Artwok:
Grant Wakefield & Thorsten Quaeschning

Produced by
Thorsten „Q Quaeschning

Music composed by
Thorsten Q Quaeschning (1, 5, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14)
Sascha Beator / Thorsten Q Quaeschning (2, 3, 4, 10, 13)
Djirre / Thorsten Q Quaeschning (15)
Sascha Beator (6)
Thorsten Q Quaeschning / Stoppel (9)

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Performed by;
Thorsten Q Quaeschning
Sascha Beator
Chris Hausl
Kai Hanuschka
Vincent Nowak
Thorsten Spiller
Frank Ebeling
Jan Lensen
Susanna Maria Sellin
Thomas Beator
Frank Stoppel
Julia Duchardt
Helen Pfaff
Stephen Mortimer
Chris Umbach
Tommy Betzler
Bjorn Sjollruud
Thomas Beator
Sebastian Sadowski
Mirko Rizzello

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